Touristic objectives in the zone:

Several attractive places from Transylvania are located in and around Brasov:



- Peleș Castle one of the most important historical edifications in Romania, of high artistic value, representing of the most famous monuments of its type in Europe in the second half of the XIXth century.

- Pelișor Castle The whole building was decorated to be a princely residence, and it has the mark of a very strong woman: Queen Marry. The hall of fame is paneled with oak wood. The golden bedroom was decorated by the queen’s plans and drawings with carved gilded linden wood furniture. The queen made the plans even for her office, and the walls of the Golden Room were decorated with thistle leaves, to remind her of Scotland, her native place. In here, grew up their children: Carol (the future King Carol The IInd), Marioara (the Queen of Yugoslavia), Elisabeta -Greece’s Queen- and Nicolae).

- Train's museum The museum has an amazing exposition of trains in miniature, which is open since 2009 in Sinaia train station. It covers a railway system made by 1500 wagons, 70 locomotives and 300 meters of railroad. The layouts are the result of an Italian, Alberto Drera, who spent very much time in Sinaia, and finally established in the city for a long time. Unfortunately he dies before he can see his dream becoming reality- opening of a exposition- dream which was accomplished by his daughter, who had donated Alberto`s work to the train station of Sinaia.

- „Dimitrie Ghica” Park The park, situated in Sinaia, was created in 1881; its arranging was made under the guidance of the swiss landscape architect, Eder. It houses many more secular trees; the park hosts on a furbished scene, many seasonal festivals.


- Omu Peak in the Bucegi Mountains, is the 11th highest mountain peaks in Romania, representing the highest point of these mountains. Its altitude is of 2507 m on the base of a boulder, and 2514 m at its top.

- Babele Babele are rock formations situated around Baba Mare peak (2292m), in the Bucegi mountains, which are part of the Meridional Carpathians. Important touristic attraction, Babele are „erosion witnesses”, created by different wind erosions of several geological layers. They are found in a close proximity of a chalet, with the same name.

- The Sphinxis located at about 100 km from Brasov, in the Bucegi Mountains, is an anthropomorphous megalith situated at the altitude of 2216 m. Its name origin came from the resemblance with a human head, more exactly with the Egyptian Sphinx and is the results of wind erosion. Build as a big block of stone, the Sphinx from Bucegi measures 8 meters height and 12 meters width.

- Râșnov Citadel is a fortified ensemble situated on the calcareous hill in the south of the city of Râșnov in Brașov county. The fortress is one of the most well-kept fortified ensembles in Transylvania. The oldest structures of the fortress are from the XIVth century, probably on the wooden fortification, built by the Teutonic Knights, at the beginning of the XIIIth century.